AIMS Scientific Products GmbH is a manufacturer of polymer based materials for a wide range of life science applications. The company is a spin-off from Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and has acquired a deep know-how and a broad methods repertoire for the design of sophisticated properties of plastics and biopolymers such as polyolefins or polysaccharides. This know-how is in part exclusively licensed from the HZI and is applied on the production of surface modified materials as solid support for synthesis, screening and purification.

By mild and selective derivatisation of polymer surfaces, the bulk properties of the material such as shape, mechanical and chemical stability as well as easy and precise manufacturing remains unchanged. Our surface-modified materials are decorated with a wide range of biologically relevant molecules for use as

  • Special affinity materials in analytical and diagnostic separation techniques.
  • Solid supports in classical and combinatorial solid phase synthesis.
  • Substrates in the preparation of micro arrays and U-HTS systems.

AIMS offers a variety of genuine products like bio compatible cellulose- or chemically resistant polyolefin membranes with many different types and degrees of surface modifications (hydroxyl-, amino-, mercapto- etc.). In addition, AIMS manufactures products by surface modification according to the customer's needs and specifications. AIMS also offers you competent partnership in joint development projects related to our expertise on surface modifications.