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Areas of Applications

  • Chromatography (ion exchange, affinity, hydrophobic)
  • Separation Processes (filtration, dialysis, blotting)
  • Affinity Enrichment (bio-panning, spotting, dot-blotting)
  • Solid Phase Organic Synthesis (conventional, combinatorial)
  • Drug Discovery
  • Medicine (implants)


Catalogue Product Description

Our Cellulose APEG-Membranes and Polypropylene APEG-Membranes are high-quality primary alkyl amine derivatized membranes which offer you

  • excellent mechanical stability for safe and easy handling
  • a polyethylene glycol (PEG) spacer that ensures optimal accessibility of immobilized ligands
  • capacity of up to 2 µmol/ cm2 on cellulose supports
  • capacity of up to 400 nmol/ cm2 on polypropylene supports
  • chemical stability to organic solvents as well as to aqueous pH 1-14 for at least 24 h at RT (if cellulose support: only with PEG linkage)
  • a hydrophilic support that is compatible with many types of bio-assays including protein-protein or peptide-protein interactions (e.g. epitope analysis), enzyme-substrate screening and many others more
  • an innovative derivatisation process renders Cellulose Membranes with PEG-Spacer stable to treatment with neat TFA for more than 3 days. All acid labile protecting groups employed in peptide and small organic molecule synthesis are effectively removed under these conditions.


Products in Detail

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