Literature and Poster


Informations about the quality of our surface modified materials and their applications in parallel synthesis were published as well as presented at scientific symposia in more detail. The most recent posters are available as pdf-files.



Title Poster
A Special Cellulose Membrane Support for the Combinatorial Parallel Synthesis of Peptide Libraries Suitable for the SC2-type Manufactoring of High Density Multi-purpose Chemical Micro-arrays

The poster was presented at the 7th German Peptide Symposium 2005 in Braunschweig, Germany.
(1.5 mb)
New Cellulose Membranes for the in situ Synthesis of Peptide arrays with improved Stability towards Acid and Aqueous Base

The poster was presented at the 8th Solid Phase Synthesis & Combinatorial Libraries Symposium 2003 in London, UK.
(1.5 mb)
Cellulose-bound Peptide Mini- and Microarrays for Large Scale Peptide Screening Applications.

The poster was presented at the 9. German Peptide Symposium 2009 in Gottingen, Germany.
(1.4 mb)
Development of a new biochip platform technology for the recognition and validation of peptide-protein-interactions.

The poster was presented at the 28th European Peptide Symposium 2004 in Prague, Czech Republic
(2.8 mb)




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